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akers in illinois were set to vote on same-sex marriage but the session ended before they could do so. we have a reported on the martyr that explains it in more detail. >> the general assembly being urged by the president to legalize gay marriage in illinois. >> we're here because we want to make sure that this goes through this year. >> gay rights organizations rallied outside the thomson center saturday as lawmakers met
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inside to discuss pension reform. they encouraged the crowd to push the gay marriage bill to pass. the archdiocese of chicago is hoping lawmakers and residents think things through. this letter was given out to parishioners at holy name cathedral this morning. >> this is something that we've seen throughout the country. anytime state lawmakers set to vote on same-sex marriage, religion gets involved and you know the tune changes a little bit. cardinal francis george said the following of the. i'm sorry. we have a video of him saying that. let's take a look at that. we all know there are people he who are truly loving people of different school persuasions. changing the nature of marriage, if it's a civil right the state can change it.
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this is a natural right. >> now we have a guest on this matter illinois state senator heather stern. heather, state senator, thank you for joining us. we look forward to talking to you about this. >> cenk: great to have you heather. so you're the one who introduced this and we almost got a passen oh the last session. what went wrong there? >> we just ran out of time. we have a new session starting up and plan to go at this early in the session. we're back february 5 and i'm hoping to hear it soon thereafter. >> cenk: what do you think the chance of success are? >> i think they're great. people have come along. we passed civil unions two years ago. the discussions are very different. there's been a sea change of public opinion on this. every day we see more people starting what's fair under our laws in treating everyone the
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sail. it's encouraging and heartening. >> cenk: first of all whether gay marriage should be legal or not, we're finally at 53-46 and this number has moved dramatically since by the way 1996, two thirds of american were opposed to gay marriage, now 47% in favor. religion 47% of the time is the reason people are against gay marriage. it's just all a way of saying that's what the bible says. how did we get past that? how do we get to a point where people stop saying i don't know, my preacher was telling me this, but maybe doesn't make any sense. >> i think it's important that this is civil marriage we are talking about. we're not changing the definition of religious marriage. we do think many religions will
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choose, we have close to 330 clergy indicating their support for same-sex marriage. some religions will choose not to do so. it's important to understand that this is civil marriage. churches can choose to do so or not. that's really important. we understand the religious freedom aspects as well. >> cenk: the catholic church is going to fight you so the question is given that the hand writing appears to be on the wall, how much are they fighting you and what do they try to do behind the scenes to try to make sure this doesn't pass? >> we're working with all of our colleagues. we've met and sat down with the catholic conference and we're highing to make sure that they feel comfortable that the protections are there so they will not have to solemnize same-sex marriages. they may never support the bill.
8:32 pm
i'm not sure they ever will and they'll do what they need to do. i think we have the public opinion on our side. i think even more folks i'm hearing from, even clicks here in illinois support it. the general population pretty much across the board support same-sex marriage now. i think what's really important is having those voices heard reaching out and contacting their state representatives and senators. i think that's what's happening. that's the feedback i'm getting from my colleagues, at least. >> cenk: why did you decide to champion this issue. >> there's a couple of reasons. one, i don't think it's fair to treat any class of folks as second class citizen approximates. we passed civil unions, but it's not the same. people grow up with these aspirations to get married. you fall in love and you understand dream of your wedding day. not allowing everyone access to that same institution is i think just totally morally unjust. there's also now i think timing's important now because the supreme court's going to be taking up the defense of marriage act.
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some folks think it may be getting overturned when they hear arguments in march and april. if that happens same sex couples able to marry will have access to all the federal benefits that come with marriage. civil union couples will not. that will be a real discrepancy that means a lot of economic hardship on families and protections that aren't there for the families in the same way. >> why do you think that aside from religious voters that the mentality toward same-sex marriage is changing among constituents? >> i think that it's -- i know my daughter, for example she's got three kids, at least three kids in her class who have two parents of the same self. she can't possibly fathom why that family is treated differently than our family. people know our friends and you have so many relationships now you see in loving committed relationships have families that need the same protections as your own family. i think it becomes a less
8:34 pm
mysterious concern and factor when you see it and how much it is a string in our neighborhoods and communities to be actually supporting families. >> cenk: illinois state senator thank you for joining us. >> the death of an internet rebel. we have more on that story. >> in 2011, schwartz was arrested when he broke into mi.t. to download files. these talking points, that the right have, about the "heavy hand of government" ... i want to have that conversation. really? you know i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table.
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prosecution wasn't too harsh. cnn has more details into the story. >> with prosecutors pressing serious charges schwartz hanged himself friday. his lawyer said he doesn't know what put him over the edge, but the notion of prison time had him deeply worried. >> i know this case was weighing heavily on his mind and was a significant source of stress. >> he was indicted on charges of stealing academic articles from m.i.t. he could have gone to prison for 35 years along with a million dollar fine. >> the family put out a statement: >> cenk: that's strong language, but it gets even stronger at his
8:39 pm
funeral. his father said: very tough language indeed, but if my son had died in that same fashion my guess is that my anger would be equivalent to that, so we certainly feel their pain. let me bring in david segal executive director of demand progress, where they worked with aaron. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. glad to see you even if the circumstances are pretty terrible he. >> cenk: no question about that. well first tell us about what role aaron played in demand progress. >> he started the organization, i came onboard quickly thereafter, in the fall of 2010, and sort of right out of the box, we put forth a petition in opposition to the bill that eventually became sopa.
8:40 pm
it took off. we had a wonderful membership that cared about freedom issues and defined the course for the next couple of years. >> does anyone believe this is actually a terms of service breach, that this is the reason why, you know, federal officials went after him or is this more about the fact that he was an internet activist? >> it's hard for me to speak to. i think that he would love to think sometimes anyway, that he was subversive enough that people wanted to come after him. i don't think that was actually the case. i think that he knows that that wasn't actually the case. he was -- he -- it was a function of overzealous prosecutors who don't understand internet law trying to apply regulations that were construed for a different era trying to translate language that legislators probably didn't understand, even as they were -- even as they were writing the law to the internet arena.
8:41 pm
the prosecutorial establishment judicial establishment does understand understand internet law. they try to take things they do understand and project that on to the internet realm and do that unsuccessfully. they did that in this case. >> cenk: i don't think the government necessarily went after him because he was an internet activist. i do believe once they put him in the category of hacker in their mind, this is the thing we care most about my god, they can get access to information and if they do, that's something we can't control. you know, my sense of it is that the government gets far more vindictive in cases like that. i don't know what your take is on it, david. what do you think? >> i absolutely would agree with you. i think there's an increasing concern about activist information in this country creeping surveillance state in this country, and aaron stood against all of those things, just by virtue of his being and by virtue of the work that he
8:42 pm
chose to undertake over the course of his life, and i think there is increasing concern about those issues. we know definitively that prosecutorial resources in terms of funding and staff have been steered increasingly toward those issues. this is a function of that. it's a realm of the law that people the prosecutorial establishment has been more and more attuned to in recent years. they're looking for reasons to jump that. they had don't necessarily understand the laws that are before them. they have no concept of what's going on and in aaron's mind, all the goodness in his heart he was someone who was a hacker, in the white hat sense trying to do things to make this world a better place in his work on line and in politics. you got to know him right cenk? >> cenk: i did. he was trying to use the money he made to do good in the world.
8:43 pm
prosecutors knew that, that he wasn't trying to poverty off of it. ana, they have a statement? >> they do: >> six months is ridiculous. for doing what he did spending six months even in a low security setting is unwarranted. because of the fact that m.i.t. allowed people to have access to j store all he did was access it a little to much. >> cenk: what do you think
8:44 pm
david? >> there are so many questions about what did or didn't actually happen. one thing that i was thinking about mentioning just in the bumper that you guys ran i know it wasn't your reporting, before this segment referred to his having broken into m.i.t. to do this work, and ford, m.i.t.'s campus clothing began is open minds, open campus. i mean, even that very much a contestable point and one that he and his attorneys were going to contest. the notion that he did anything wrong here is one that i would absolutely disagree with. the notion that under any circumstance he wanted to get rich off of peddling in academic articles most of which weren't accessed for decades is absurd on the face of it. there is so much wrong with this case, he was such a complex person, this relates to him in so many different interesting ways. we are trying to do right by him moving forward. >> cenk: david segal, thank you
8:45 pm
for joining us on the "young turks." we appreciate it. >> thanks very much. >> cenk: when we come back, another case that is really weird. now, aaron's case was tragic. when you turn to the notre dame player's case, wow that's just weird. wait until you see what he did with his imaginary girlfriend. >> love of my life. >> she was reportedly losing her battle with leukemia. his incredible loss to this monday morning current tv presents special coverage of the presidential inauguration. the circumstance & the inside analysis. the presidential inauguration this monday morning at 10 eastern only on current tv. the natural energy of peanuts and delicious, soft caramel. to fill you up and keep you moving,
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>> cenk: we're back on the "young turks." we start with manti te'o. michael has more. >> guys and j.r., this is one of the most unbelievable stories i have ever heard. this guy, notre dame player has a girlfriend that inspired his season, but the girlfriend may not exist the girlfriend died, the girlfriend may not have ever lived. let's let nbc tell us more about it. >> the love of my life. >> that love supposedly losing her battle with leukemia. miss decision to play against michigan instead of going to her funeral. >> she had so many problems, and that you'll play and honor me. >> his performance on the field
8:50 pm
made him a front runner for the heisman trophy. it turns out the girlfriend homogamete on line, never had leukemia, never died, never existed. manti te'o said he was duped. >> the big question is whether he was duped or he was trying to do that people. >> uh-huh. >> he will talk more about whether it was his doing but basically he is saying he was a victim and here is manti te'o again continuing with that and reaction from the school, notre dame. >> he said to realize that he was the victim of what was apparently someone's sick joke and constant lies was and is painful and humiliating. notre dame having conducted its own investigation believed him. >> this was a very elaborate very sophisticated hoax.
8:51 pm
>> cenk: not buying it. >> it's like when you see these officials from the school, you can't help but think of coach paterno had nothing to do with it. >>. he that that was a serious case. >> well, that's true. >> this guy he got caught up. i think it's a little bit of both, first of all. i think he got fooled. if you look at him, you see him talk about everything that's happening, you can tell he doesn't really think things through. [ laughter ] >> i mean, on espn, one reporter said they had a conversation with him and say he seemed child like and simple and that was his way of saying it. he got duped first. then when he found out said well i feel like let's play this up for my own benefit. i think it's a little bit of both let's push this to the end. >> his simpleness leads me to a different conclusion, that he came up with this and didn't think it through like hey at some point people are going to
8:52 pm
figure out you didn't have that girlfriend, and that look, this is a part of the sickness of the media. every story has to be tragic. like in the olympics, oh, my god, his grandmother and the dog and someone in the same state died in the same week and he's still got a bronze! >> especially when it has to do with athletes, right. if an athlete does something he's a linebacker and plays well. if he plays well, all of a sudden he's like this american hero and everyone needs to focus on him and oh, my god did you see how he played well after suffering these tragedies. people suffer tragedies every day and get no attention or credit for it at all. >> cenk: are we surprised that somebody manufactured one because that's what the press loves when it comes to sport. give me tragedy. he's up for the heisman it's going to i am prove his chances. he came in second. listen to his quote here. he said i lost two women that i really loved had my football
8:53 pm
family around me, had my girlfriend's football family around me and at the end of the day, familles are forever. what? that's him saying it. come on, man. >> when sports illustrated interviewed him. they saidthey said he didn't know where she studied, where she's from, where she worked, didn't know the details of her death. all these things bring into question whether or not this is a real thing. some people think what could the reason possibly be? well amanda turkel tweeted out: >> cenk: that's harsh and i hadn't thought of that, right. >> it's not harsh. >> it's not harsh. >> it could just be true and sad, too. >> i love amanda, but there is so many other this is a common occurrence that happen to say regular people who around manti te'o and up for a heisman. people got fooled on line all the time. there is a new mtv show called
8:54 pm
catfish and it's someone who acts like they are on line. >> cenk: he said my girlfriend's football family and all that stuff as if they'd met. in another instance, he talked about how they had met and he looked into her eyes. he's lying. >> they probably met at a football game. >> that money from that account in nigeria. >> he went along with this to progress his career, think about it this way this is another layer i think people around seeing. s.i. projects his draft status in the nfl may drop because of this, one of i think is ridiculous. it has nothing to do with the fact -- >> cenk: here's the only way that makes sense. vince young had issues with like mental well being to be honest. he was a great great quarterback from the university of texas and he looked great in every way but people were like
8:55 pm
man, he's got some issues, right. it turned out he flaked out in the nfl because of his mental issues. this dude's got mental issues making stuff like this up. >> he had past issues in the nfl. >> he's a good player on the field, that's not going to happen. >> cenk: i'd draft him don't get me wrong but i wouldn't want to -- look, the guy's mental man to make that up about somebody who died and to be so stupid to think people wouldn't find out that's crazy. look we don't have time to tell the whole story but i can't. i got to jump in and tell you about this. the next story we had is about a guy, a worker, getting paid a couple hundred thousand dollars. they go into his computer and find out he's been outsourcing his own job but keeping the money. he outsourced somebody in china to do his work for us. genius. he paid 20% of his salary to guys in china slaving over it and stuff and it turns out
8:56 pm
they did the best work in the office. come on! not guilty, right? >> not guilty. >> he's living the american dream. >> cenk: the american dream. outsourcing to china and keeping most of the money. i love how he filmed it on >> she gets the comedians laughing... >> that's hilarious! >> ...and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there's wiggle-room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> she's joy behar. >> and current will let me say anything. >> only on current tv.
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